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Face Massage Roller™

Face Massage Roller™ - Beauty Products

Face Massage Roller™

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Face Massage Roller™ is a tool made from quartz, which is known for its calming propertiesThis jade face massage roller deals with the skin and gives your skin a boost, in addition, this roller also has cooling properties. Say goodbye to lifeless skin, dark circles and fluid build-up around your eyes, with this massage roller you will stimulate both blood circulation and lymph drainage. All this ensures that the elasticity of your skin is improved, fine wrinkles and you can enjoy a smooth and healthy complexion again.

In addition to all these skin-improving benefits, this Face Massage Roller™ also provides a bit of relaxation. Stress often results in you getting a headache or looking tired and this roller also tackles these negative factors.


  • Eliminates dull and lifeless skin.  
  • Has a calming and cooling effect.  
  • Tackles dark circles and fluid build-up around your eyes.  
  • Stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage.  
  • Improves the elasticity of your skin.  
  • Reduces fine wrinkles.  
  • Ensures a smooth and healthy complexion.  
  • Relaxes your skin.  
  • Combat stress and headaches.  
  • Not tested on animals. 


How to use:  

  • Cleanse your skin and make sure it is dry.  
  • If necessary, apply a serum, day or night cream.  
  • Then start with the largest roller and roll from your chin towards your ear. 
  • Work upwards slowly from below and roll from the inside out.  
  • Then roll from the center of your forehead towards your ears.  
  • Using the smallest roller, roll under your eyes from the inside to the outside of your eyes.  
  • Repeat the previous step above your eyes and on your eyebrows.  
  • With the smallest roller, you can roll from top to bottom along the outside of your eye.                                             

✔Tip! : Store your face massage roller in the refrigerator for an extra cooling and firming effect. Always clean the roller after use! Use the product for about 5-10 minutes.


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